Mobile News Platform

Looking to build a news aggregation application or considering serving your own content on mobile? Significantly reduce your costs and achieve superior capabilities by leveraging FanNewscast’s mobile application platform.






  • Substantially reduce development costs.
  • Employ the power of targeted and curated trending news via
  • Engage your audience on the move.
  • Framework reflects best practices.
  • Complete customization is available.






Facebook & Twitter Sharing

Built-in Facebook and Twitter sharing functionality allows all content to be shared easily and effectively.


Social Rank Trending Algo

Content can be sorted by social rank values. The most socially engaging content can be presented first. Options include displaying trending content by daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly increments.  


Full Text Seach

Search through all content via a powerful full- text indexed backend system.


Easily Merge Content Sources

Merge two, three, or even thousands of sources into a single content view.


Offline Mode Support

Detects internet connectivity. If no connectivity exists, the application will continue functioning in offline mode with cached content.



Configurable Backend

Our dynamic backend allows for multiple application updates.  This option eliminates the expense of additional code changes and bypasses the app store approval process.


Streaming Audio Support

Stream audio from sources configured through the backend. 


Google Analytics Support

Google Analytics is integrated into the application. Get precise information on user interaction.



Build In Native Code for Optimial Performance

Native code is the best route to ensure optimal app speed and a positive user experience. We construct the framework with these goals in mind.




Supported Platforms:

In Development